Work less.Party more.

More and more IT professionals are moving their organisations to the cloud. Old ideas about the perils of cloud computing and how IT should look are falling away. Leveraging the power of Office 365, we aim to open a whole new world of collaboration, productivity and communication for our customers.

Work on any device. At any time.
Wherever you are.

The term we use is “Platform Agnostic”. This simply means that G Suite can run on the device you choose. Whether it is a Windows PC, an Android phone, Apple Mac or even a potato running Linux, you can access G Suite from your device. That means you’re more flexible and have more choice when deciding what hardware your staff need.

Future-proof your productivity

In the past, keeping pace with technology was a difficult, time-consuming and expensive exercise. With G Suite, keeping up becomes so much easier. Or perhaps you’re not content to keep up. G Suite creates a platform where you can innovate and find new ways to work or greater efficiencies that result in market differentiation. Whether you’re conservative or cutting edge, leave scaling, upgrades and improvements to Google while you just stick to what you’re good at.

Reduce Your IT Spend

Surveys have found that both CIO’s and IT Managers cite cost savings in their top-5 reasons to move to the cloud. Total cost of ownership is reduced and return on investment is increased. It is a well-known fact that cloud technologies create opportunities for you to operate more efficiently. From reduced license costs to scaling back the need for much of the hardware required in legacy systems, G Suite has the potential to save you money.  

Centralised user & Device management

For many of us, user and device management required either a lot of effort administrating local users on any number of computers or an expensive server with complicated software to consolidate this management into a centralised system. 

G Suite changes the game. G Suite provides you with a cloud-based admin console accessible from anywhere. No more running from computer to computer tinkering with user accounts to access network resources. No more expensive server and complicated software. G Suite puts it all in one place in an easy to use, intuitive layout. 

Get your teams collaborating - in real-time

It has been said that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. G Suite is built with real-time team collaboration in mind. Unlock the power of the collective as you enable your teams to truly work together effectively and efficiently on their projects.