So who are we anyway?

We are a group of Google fanatics. We’ve loved the way Google has done things since before the internet – okay, that’s not quite true. We marveled at the accuracy of Google Search when it came into prominence. We coveted Gmail invites when it launched. We were intrigued (and secretly hopeful) when Google released Google+ to take down Facebook. Today we literally (figuratively literally) live in the Google ecosystem. 

 Having watched Google evolve over the years and keeping an eye on how things are developing going forward, we believe that Google is a major force in the cloud sphere as organisations move to the cloud. For those who are at the coal-face, the people who do the real work, this will be realised in G Suite. 

Our dream is to be instrumental in taking businesses to the cloud and seeing them run free in that spacious place of powerful collaboration, effective communication and and all-time-high productivity levels. We’ve thrown our lot in with Google because they are masters of the Cloud, they have unrivaled infrastructure that spans the globe and they have really cool Doodles. 

We would consider it a great privilege to work with your organisation to take you to new levels of success.