Alberta FI Boosts Collaboration With Google G Suite

Every now and then we will be posting a “G Suite in Real Life” post – highlighting how an organisation has used G Suite. Today we look at ATB, a financial services company in Canada. You can click on the link below for more detail but here are the key factors that came into the mix when ATB were deciding how to go forward.

  1. Google was chosen to position the company to be “prepared to adapt to the massive changes coming in the industry”.
  2. G Suite supported collaboration better than Office 365.
  3. The move represented a “milestone moment” that showed the company’s commitment to transforming itself.

ATB has realised the following results:

  1. Created an environment where ATB are more nimble, better able to innovate and incubate.
  2. The G Suite implementation created an opportunity for ATB to create a culture in which employees could “re-imagine work” and look to the future for news ways to work.
  3. Much improved levels of collaboration among employees.
  4.  A greater sense of community was achieved through Hangouts, helping workers distributed across great distances.
  5. Allowed ATB to move away from on-premises services.

There are many organisations who have made the move to G Suite and many more considering whether a move to the cloud could be beneficial and how they can start. If you would like to know what this means to you and your business, get in touch.

Here is the full article:

Alberta FI Boosts Collaboration With Google G Suite


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